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OK since I have not taken part in races for a while this is not relevant at the moment I will update in due course

I figured that while I run and take part in Ultras for my own enjoyment and sanity (yes sanity) I might as well try and raise some money along the way.

Rather than raise money for big charities I try to raise money for charities and organisations local to my area. That way I can see the directly how my efforts are helping the charity / organisation.

Currently I am supporting the Evesham Sea Cadets.

They are a fantastic organisation which give opportunities to children that they might not find in other walks of life.

If you would like to Donate that would be fantastic.

You can Donate by using   PAYPAL
Please send your donation to :-
Many Thanks

Below is a summary of what Evesham Sea Cadets  are about (taken from there website)

About Evesham Sea Cadets

Evesham has had a sea cadet unit for many years. The current unit was commissioned on 22nd May 1993.

We welcome all young people aged between 10 and 18 to be cadets and everyone over 18 to be adult staff.

Evesham Sea Cadets is an independent Registered Charity and it is affiliated to the national organisation "Marine Society and Sea Cadets". Our trustees form the Unit Management Team.

All Evesham Sea Cadets Staff are unpaid volunteers, who donate their free time to giving cadets new opportunities.

As a Unit we do not receive any direct funding from the Ministry of Defence, and as an independent charity we have to do all our own fund raising.


Evesham Sea Cadets Objectives

As a uniformed youth organisation, we do not recruit young people for military service and we are not a pre-service organisation,
however children that attend find it easier to integrate and succeed should they go on to join the military as a career.

We have the following simple objectives for our cadets:
·  Fun and Adventure for all young people.
·  Sports and healthy living.
·  Vocational training and education.
·  Support and welfare

The remit of the Sea Cadets is to provide fun, friendship, adventure and learning new skills based on waterborne and land based activities.Aim The aim of the Sea Cadets Corps is to help young people towards responsible adulthood by encouraging valuable personal attributes and high standards of conduct,
using a nautical theme based on the customs of the Royal Navy.

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  1. I think the Evesham Sea Cadets are an excellent choice to support. With childhood obesity becoming a serious problem in this country, more people should be supporting groups like these and encouraging more young people to get involved. Hopefully the Olympics will have motivated some to become more active, it's just a shame that the weather has been so poor this summer. It'd be great if more young people could come up with brilliant fundraising ideas that happen to involve physical activity too.